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Aspiring Web Developer

Hello there! I'm Novi ,im a software developer. I live in Brgy Pondol,Loon,Bohol . 22 years of age, i spend my whole free time developing web apps like cms which i use to run this blog site, the NekoCMS-v2. . Recently i've just developed a simple PHP MVC app called XtraSmall PHP MVC. A simple PHP MVC for rapid web development and prototyping . It’s inspired by framework CodeIgniter. This project will be used on small-scaled projects and prototyping. Although this is not a full-featured framework. Out-of-the-box, it is a simple MVC structure My favorite hobby is researching about web development stuffs like useful APIs, Javascript / JQuery Plugins, PHP Libraries that are useful for web development. Sometimes i play computer games like NFS/Counter strike and Retro games from Nintendo SNES and Family Computer. My first job was an IT instructor. I handle computer subjects especially in web development and basic MS-office applications. and my second job is software developer. I developed websites from international and local clients . i used CodeIgniter as framework because it is very easy to use and lightweight framework. As of now, i'm looking for a new company that will enhance my skills in web development. If you are interested to hire me as web developer, you can view my resume here. Thank you very much :-)

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